Ministerial Services Consultation


This ceremony brings together the divine union of two souls who are ready to commit to soul growth and partnership together in this lifetime. 

This ceremony is completely customized to the couple and their story/energy. An interview prior to the wedding will be conducted with them to create a ceremony that is fitting for their marriage. 


A baptism is a way of clearing all past karma that one may still be operating under. This will allow them to open up to more freedom and live an aligned life and held back but nothing that was stuck. 

 Last Rites 

Space is held for the transitioning who very soon about to make their journey to the otherside out of the body. Late Rites prepares an individual for their safe and smooth transition to the otherside. 


This ceremony celebrates the life of the individual and removes any lingering energy from the body so it can safely transition with all of its energy to the other side with ease and grace and love. 


Dreaming of bringing your spirit baby into the world? Your spirit baby is dreaming of you too. 

I’ve worked with several families who have wanted to bring in their special baby into their life. After trying and feeling lost, these women came to me, ready to give it one last shot at bringing in their baby. Many families have made their dreams come true successfully after working together. 

I am even blessed that a client turned friend gave me the special opportunity to become a godmother to her beautiful baby girl. 

Work with me for 15 months to help you bring in your baby from conception to birth. 


-Meet with me 1:1 once a month for 1 hour - either with the couple or as a mother. 

-Lifetime access to prerecorded modules using tools and techniques to heal yourself, tap into your intuition, connect with your baby, and communicate with your baby as a spirit. 

-Lifetime access to all past and present workshops

-Lifetime access to the WhatsApp group for weekly predictions. 

-Chat and text access to me during the weekdays for your support.