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All I need for my readings and healings is that you are sitting in a chair with your feet flat on the ground, and your eyes open the whole time. After that, I ask you to say your full name for me. This is how I tune into your energy.

I do not use cards or crystals or anything else for my readings/healings. My readings and healings can be done remotely or in person. I do not need to see you nor do I ask for a number of specific questions before your reading. I find the magical experience of working together is even more magical because I do not have any prior information about you. Spirit is amazing and will natural unfold the messages and insights that you are ready for during our time together. I’m constantly amazed at how powerful these sessions can be. This is why I am able to work with clients who are 3 miles away or 300,000 miles away without even seeing what their physical body looks like! By seeing your true deeper nature as a spirit, everything is right in front of me and there is no need to prepare questions or ask for any additional information before that.